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The Fox Marble

"...behold the creatures of the earth and the memory of salt, which is my warmth forever trapped in the teeth of your thumb, and do not mind the empty sky, which is the surface of the marble from inside it. Won’t you wait for me my
thousand days of hunger for you?

Fox Marble.jpg

The Librarians

"I looked back to your book, traced the letters as they fled down the spine, certain I’d find you inside. Perhaps you’ve always haunted my dreams, overwriting their contents at the limits of my imagination."

The Librarians.jpg

The Infinite Forest

"Nabi had claimed the running water was a looking glass to countless other worlds and times, and they might catch glimpses of their other selves in the shimmers on the surface. Look there, she’d beckoned, and reached out to touch the water, where she said she could see Yeou as a woman, looking back at her."

Broadside: The Diviner

Infinite Forest.jpg

& Han River Poems

"Perhaps, bereft as I was of his last words, I thought I could find the heart of him in the organ itself, and that even in the embrace of another’s hands, he would reveal himself to me and so immortalize himself in memory."

Nominated for the Pushcart Prize

han river poems

The Shapeshifters

"The stranger must have known this, as she settled back into alignment with Yeou’s eyes and kept her otherworldly secrets to herself, which meant the unfamiliarity of Yeou’s small and naked wrists remained squirming in the nest of her skull, feathers wet with grey matter..."

The Shapeshifters.jpg


"She knows how this goes, better than any girl should: the bite of something sharp, a flash of pain, the flush of adrenaline coursing through her blood. Like breaking down a gate to a castle from the inside..."

Apotheosis 3.png

The Hundred Gardens

"A dead woman taught the orphan how to craft herself a magic boat using lumber felled from her overgrowth. And she guided the girl through the steps of a matricide: how to dismember her limbs with quick strokes, peel the bark from her flesh with her fingers, and pull the splinters out of her nail beds by sucking sharply through her teeth..."

2020 Sunburst Award Shortlist

The Hundred Gardens.jpg

Collected Stories

Trans Women Writers Collective (2018)

"You shiver as if you’ve stepped through your own ghost. Never does the air starve in your lungs as it does when she watches you like this. With the weight of her against yourself, and her crooked finger in your mouth. Your eyes are laughing tears."

Collected Stories


An Anthology of Fiction by Trans Women of Color, ed. Ellyn Peña & Jamie Berrout
Trans Women Writers Collective (2016)

"Falling asleep to the tune of whispers, clattering cups, insects and dogs, and creaking wood. There are enough of these little cuts to make the absence of that place feel like a more permanent wound, a real place outside my little world that I have touched and lost..."

Fidelity (2)_edited.png


"iron carriages descending down god in the dark is to be
found his pieces are they left remains in countered earth
in between the parts of his withered feet did he ever kiss
his toes..."

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